Why meat alternatives: The Environmental Reasons people are choosing plant-based diets

Why meat alternatives – The Environmental Reasons people are choosing plant-based diets.

There are many experts sharing their views on the environmental reasons why people avoid animal products. These reasons include but aren’t limited to:

dry land

  • Greenhouse gas emissions from food choices.
  • Water usage to grow foods (a lot more water required for 1kg of beef than for 1 kg of grains or legumes)
  • Land usage requirements.
  • Sustainability concerns.
  • The impact of animal agriculture on the environment.

When it comes to the environmental impact o our food choices (and climate change and damage to the environment in general)

Here are some of our favourite resources:

Documentaries about food choices and the environment:

The movie Cowspiracy http://www.cowspiracy.com/

The movie Planeat   http://planeat.tv/

The TED talk by Sylvia Earle http://www.ted.com/talks/sylvia_earle_s_ted_prize_wish_to_protect_our_oceans

Climate change and environmental concerns

Mission Blue http://mission-blue.org/

Chasing Ice https://chasingice.com/