The Tastiest Dairy-free Cheese Alternatives. Ever. Pt 5: Cheeses you can sprinkle

We’ve covered lots of cheese alternatives in this series so far including :

But the one we haven’t covered yet are dairy-free cheeses you can sprinkle, so if you’ve been waiting for this one… keep reading!  My 2 favourite cheeses you can sprinkle are the Homemade wholefood Parmesan alternative and Nutritional Yeast.

1.  Homemade wholefood Parmesan alternative The first time I came across this cheese alternative was on Hayley’s site I’ve since played with it and made it a couple of different ways depending on the recipe I’m using it in and who I’m cooking for. 

DF Parmesan alternative

To make your own:


  • 1/4 cup ground pepitas (Hayley’s original recipe) but if you can tolerate nuts this works well with a blend of cashews and brazil nuts too
  • 1/4 cup nutritional yeast flakes
  • 1/2 tspn Himalayan salt


2. Nutritional Yeast

You can also use nutritional yeast flakes all by itself to sprinkle on foods (and you can add it to other recipes like mac n cheese or hoummus to give a cheesey flavour). I’ve seen people toss it through popcorn and sprinkle on pizza’s too.

nutritional yeast

3. Other sprinkly cheeses. You might not think of them this way but you can also use the grated vegusto and or bio cheese to sprinkle over things like tacos, burgers, or salads.

I’ve used a combination of Hayley’s Parmesan Alternative with cashews and some vegusto when I’ve been converting some of my favourite recipes growing up, like  these “egg” balls (I’ve made them without egg and without the cheese) and stuffed capsicums.

egg balls and gf pasta

So that’s all for the Tastiest Cheese Alternatives. Ever. series.