The Little Book of Allergy-Friendly Kids Party Food

Dairy and meat free recipes with gluten, soy, egg and nut free options
Release Date: January 2018
PRICE: $4.99 AUD

When you're a parent of a free-from child, it's hard to watch him or her miss out at parties. It's also hard to think about what to make when you're catering for your own.

Packed with free-from alternatives to Kids Party Classics and sprinkled with some new options, this book will help add a little sparkle to your next free-from party.

The alternatives in this book include:

  • 2 Dairy-free chocolate crackle alternatives
  • Homemade chocolate alternatives including a dairy-free milk chocolate and dairy-free white chocolate, with or without nuts (except coconut).
  • Vanilla and chocolate cupcake and cake mixes
  • A trifle (gluten and dairy-free, with or without egg, vegan friendly)
  • Mango mousse (chocolate and plain)
  • Butter cream alternative (with nuts) and Chocolate mango ganache
  • Fruit juice jelly cups (vegetarian and vegan-friendly)
  • Biscuit recipes including simple oat biscuits and chocolate shortbread.
  • 2 Chocolate brownie recipes (gluten, dairy, egg, nut and soy free)
  • A healthy alternative to cordials
  • Easy-to-make fresh fruit "ice lollies"
  • Savoury party food options include: vegetarian and vegan-friendly gluten, dairy, soy, egg, nut (other than coconut), and meat-free sausage rolls with a tasty Tomato sauce to dip them in, and mini "quiche" tarts with egg, gluten, dairy, soy and meat free options

Each of the books in The Little Book of Allergy-Friendly Recipes Series contain:

  • A detailed "Extra Resources" section
  • Video footage to support some of the recipes.
  • A comprehensive list explaining the less common ingredients and where you can find them.
  • Additional information about the techniques used in the book

The book is filled with helpful hands on tips and is suitable for both beginner free-from cooks and seasoned whole foodies.