The Dairy-Free Cheesecake Episode

Launched on YouTube on March 28th, 2018

Episode Duration: 25 mins | High Definition
The Cheesecake Episode is the official first episode of Season 2.
It features 4 dairy-free "cheesecakes". 
The episode features special guests taste testers including romance author Eleni Konstantine.

In this episode:

  • Anne shows you how to make a dairy-free baked cheesecake with a beautiful red jelly topping using a soy based cream cheese
  • Lisa shows you how to make a dairy, soy, gluten, egg and gelatine-free lemon cheesecake using coconut cream (or if it suits your diet a suitable coconut yoghurt alternative).
  • Hayley shows you how to make a raw vegan lemon cheesecake which is also dairy, soy, gluten, egg, gleatine and honey free using cashews.
  • Glenys shows you how to make a totally whole food dairy-free lemon cheesecake without lemon! Her cake is also gluten, soy, egg, gelatine and hone free! She also makes a red jelly topping without berries.

The episode is packed with extra tips and tricks too

  • Anne shows you some alternatives to her baked cheesecake.
  • Lisa shows you how to set a cheesecake without gelaine.
  • Hayley shows you how to make a raw vegan raspberry coulis topping (which is delicious!)
  • Glenys shows you how to make a jelly without gelaine.

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