The Tastiest Dairy-Free Cheese Alternatives. Ever. Pt 4: Creamy cheesy sauces

Today in our Tastiest Dairy-free Cheese Alternatives. Ever.  series, we are covering Creamy Cheese Sauce Alternatives.

Without a doubt, there is something special about that creamy, cheesey, ooziness that you get from a yummy creamy sauce. French food is famous for it and rightly so because it can be really delicious.

So because I don’t think there’s much more that can be said about this, I thought I’d just jump right in and tell you about some of our 2 favourite creamy cheesey sauce alternatives that you can make yourself at home using ingredients, you probably already have in your fridge or pantry and a couple more that you can find in the health food aisle of your local supermarket, at your local health food store, or at a vegan grocers.

The Tastiest Dairy-Free Cheese Sauce Alternatives. Ever. Pt. 4 Creamy cheesey sauces.

1. Lisa’s Bechamel style sauce. This recipe uses a hand-full of simple ingredients. In the Lasagne Episode, I make it without added gluten, dairy or soy. I also haven’t added nuts to this recipe, but to help add the extra creamy factor, my rice milk recipe from the Milk episode does contain sunflower seeds – but if they aren’t in your diet, you can just leave them out and add more rice (otherwise the sauce will be a bit “see through”).

Lisa's lasagne ACK lower res

Check out this post to see the top tips for getting this sauce to work out just right.
This is a pretty versatile recipe. It can be used over baked broccoli or cauliflower, over steamed or baked potatoes, stirred through a pasta bake and with a couple of other a gluten and dairy free mac n’ cheese.

Lisas DF & GF Macncheese

2. Cashew based creamy cheesey sauces

If you don’t want to have a gluten-free flour based creamy cheesy sauce you could use something like Hayley & Glenys cashew based creamy cheese sauces from the lasagne episode.

Glenys ricotta style cheese

If you’d like to check out these recipes Hayley’s begins at 10:48 min and Glenys’ begins at 15:14 min and they are both in our book.

Next in the Tastiest Dairy-Free Cheese Alternatives. Ever. series we have our last alternative: Cheeses you can sprinkle.