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Creamy Dairy-free Green Salads

  Spring always makes me think of Summer (yes I know there’s another 3 months to go, but I can’t help to feel optimistic and think of warmer times to come… and consequently lighter meals too). Pre-dairy free day’s I used to love Greek salad and fetta. Last year I discovered a new vegan fetta … Continue reading Creamy Dairy-free Green Salads

Dairy, Soy & Gluten-free Mac n’ Cheese

A few weeks ago I saw a great post on Jamie Oliver with 4 different Mac n’ Cheese recipes. As you know I love love love that people are talking about alternatives more these days, and that it’s not just us, but now someone as well known as Jamie Oliver giving people even more options … Continue reading Dairy, Soy & Gluten-free Mac n’ Cheese