Sweet Free-from Snacks for Morning Tea, Recess or After School (For Kids and Adults)

After realising how many savoury snack and lunch ideas we had, I decided to gather some of our favourite sweet snack recipes. These make great options for morning tea, recess and after school snacks:-)

Sweet Spreads for Breads

  • Choc-Tahini Spread (dairy-free)(from The Little Book of Allergy-friendly Sandwich Fillers) (we’ve also got a nutty spread in the book too if you can tolerate nuts)

Snack bars

I like a snack that I can make in bulk, and that’s easy to package to take on the go. (One of the reasons why I like muesli bars!:-) Our muesli bar options include:

These muesli bars are pretty quick and easy to make, and they’re so versatile. Instead of sultanas you could use choc chips (suitable for your diet), and you could make them gluten-free by using quinoa instead of oats (more options are listed in the blog post in the link above).

Bliss Balls

  • These chocolate bliss balls (contain nut) and are delicious. (I confess, there have been days where these bliss balls have become my lunch ;-)(This recipe isn’t in one of our cookbooks because I started making it after they were published. But the recipe is in the blog post. Just click on the name).


I like slices for the same reason I like snack bars. One baking dish can make quite a few serves, so it saves time. (Plus they’re yummy:-)

This Chocolate Raspberry Slice, Glenys’ Choc Orange Slice, and Hayley’s slice can be made in bulk and frozen too.

Find the recipes in these ebooks (Available through Amazon, ibooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and more).


If you’re looking for some savoury lunch ideas (or snacks) check out this post.