Simple Tasty Roasted Veggies

As the weather cools down, I thought it was time to start sharing some warmer recipes. So keeping with the simple free-from family-friendly recipes theme  and the the no fuss no frills kind of food that people actually eat every day, today’s recipe is the ultimate simple wholesome free-from dish.

Cooking free-from family friendly food doesn’t have to be tricky or tasteless (and it doesn’t have to take you hours upon hours in the kitchen!).

When it comes to simple, you can’t go past roasted veggies. I love that the preparation time is usually less than 15 minutes, then I can leave them to cook while I do other things.

This is how I make them at home.

Simple, Healthy Roasted Veggies

  • baby carrots (quartered, length wise – or just leave them whole if they’re really tiny)
  • beetroot (sliced into “chips”
  • pumpkin (or butternut) roughly chopped
  • potato (or sweet potato) roughly chopped
  • smoked paprika (a generous sprinkle)
  • Italian herbs (eg. I’ve got a blend with basil, oregano and parsley) or alternatively you can add fresh or dried rosemary (my favourite)(a generous sprinkle)
  • salt (Just a light sprinkle)
  • olive oil

Basically, just scrub and chop the potato, peel and chop the pumpkin and peel and slice the beetroot. I quarter the carrots so they look like long skinny chips or if they’re young enough, I leave them whole.

I drizzle the olive oil over the veggies (I don’t usually measure it, it’d be about 1-2 tsp), sprinkle the salt, smoked paprika and rosemary (or commercial herb mix) and then stir it all through with my hands.

I put it in the oven in a non stick dish for about 30 minutes on 150 degrees C and then on 180 degrees C for a further 20 mins (I usually put them in the second time after giving them a bit of a stir and while I’m steaming some green veggies and or making a salad eg. Four Bean Mix Salad or casserole of some kind).

If you’d like more family friendly meal ideas, check out our book, The Little Book of Allergy-Friendly Main Meals.