Inspirational businesses: Interview with Lisa McInerney from Mummy Made It

A little while ago I had a chat with fellow cook book author Lisa McInerney from MummyMade.It

Cooking for a free-from person is hard enough, and it’s even harder when they’re fussy! (This goes for adults as well as children;-) So if you’re having trouble getting your kids (or yourself) to eat your veggies, then you’ll love some of Lisa’s ideas (she’s very creative!).

In this chat we talk about the types of veggies you can hide in desserts and the kinds of veggies that don’t work so well as well as a whole lot of other useful to know baking tips.

When I say creative, I really do mean creative. For example Lisa has had success with hiding spinach, and cauliflower and she’s been experimenting with hiding broccoli in desserts too. I’d love to hear which ideas you find the most intriguing. For me, I was pretty impressed with how she hid spinach in a popular dessert. (Yes. Spinach).

Anyway, check out the video here:

Has Lisa given you some ideas to try out in your next batch of muffins? Let us know below or over on Facebook or Instagram:-)