How to read our books if you don’t have an e-reader (kindle or kobo)

​There are multiple ways you can read our books.

If you have:

  • a smart phone
  • a computer (desktop or laptop)
  • a tablet
  • or an ipad

You can read our books!

​To get started:

  1. ​You need to set up an account with the online bookseller (e.g. Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble or iBooks) (if you have an iphone or ipad you've most likely already got an account for iBooks). For all the other stores you need to create an account. For Amazon, create an account with the Amazon store in the country you live in e.g. for me, it is
  2. ​Next download the free reading app from that company. The free reader app is a program that lets you read the book file. See links below.
  3. ​Go to the company to buy the book.
  4. Then go to the device where your app is installed to ​read the book.

​Where to download the different e-reader apps:

​An example of the book page for ​The Little Book of Allergy-Friendly Kids Party Food. ​Click on the relevant store page here. Then you'll see the section on the left under the cover image of the book that says "read on any device" click on that and a popup will show up like this.

​If you already have the ibooks app installed on your iphone or ipad ​ just click on the app and search for our book or title in the app. Click on the price and buy now option. You'll need to log in with your apple id/ password to process payment. The book will download and then you just click read, or go to the library section in the app and open the book from there.​​​