Even more dairy-free white chocolate inspired recipes

A few years ago, I wrote a blog post called ‘3 White Chocolate recipes you can make at home. Well, since then we’ve created a few more recipes. So if you can’t get enough of that white chocolatey flavour,  check out these options:

Cookies and Cream Chocolate Biscuit Slice

As a child, I always loved the chocolate biscuit slice that my mum made. So a couple of years ago, I created a dairy and gluten-free version of that cake (yum). After achieving that, I thought it would be fun to try a ‘negative’ version of that recipe (e.g. use a ‘white chocolate’ and chocolate biscuits instead of milk chocolate with white biscuits). Anyway, this tasty slice was the outcome of those experiments.

The chocolate biscuits are a spin on my Vanilla Shortbread recipe, and the ‘white chocolate’ was inspired by my original white chocolate recipe.

White Christmas Slice – an alternative recipe.

Although not a typical white chocolate recipe, this one definitely has ‘white chocolatey undertones’, so I’ve included it in this list.

White Chocolate Cheesecake

In this recipe, Hayley gave her cheesecake from the original Cheesecake Episode a white-chocolate twist. You can watch her make this White Chocolate Cheesecake here, and you can get the recipe, here.

If you haven’t tried making chocolate before, check out this video here The Kids Party Food Episode where Hayley shows you how to make a dairy-free milk chocolate (it’s the second recipe in that episode). In my experience, making a dairy and soy-free white chocolate is a little trickier than making a dairy-free milk chocolate but it’s not impossible (as you can see above)(unless you can’t tolerate coconut – if you can’t tolerate coconut, then unfortunately these recipes aren’t for you).

If you’d like to give these recipes a try, you can find these (and more dessert recipes) in the following books: