season 1 ​

About Season 1:
Season 1 was our pilot season. We began filming season 1-3 in 2013 and launched season 1 in March 2015. Season 1 includes 5 episodes with 4 alternatives of each recipe per episode.

​1: The Lasagne Episode
​2. The Milk Alternative Episode
​3. The ​Cold Drinks Episode
​4. The Hoummus Episode
​5. The Mayonnaise Episode

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 season 2 ​

About Season 2:
Season 2 includes 12 episodes. Each episode contains 3-4 alternative ways to make the recipe.
Season 2 was released in two parts, part 1 and 2.

Part 1 Episodes:
1. The Dairy-Free Cheesecake Episode ​
2. The BBQ Episode
3. The Dairy-Free Ice Cream Episode
4. The Curried Egg (without Egg) Episode
5. The Creamy Dairy-Free Porridge Episode
6. The Snack Bar & Slices Episode

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Part 2 Episodes:
​7. The ​Main Meals Episode ​
​8. The Dairy-Free Sour Cream Episode
​9. The ​Taco Episode
​10. The Pizza Episode
​11. The ​Kids Party Food Episode
​12. The ​Chocolate Cake Episode

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season 3

About Season 3:
Season 3 includes 7 quick bite episodes with one recipe per quick-bite episode. 

1: The Tuna-Free Tuna Episode
2. The Tasty Pastry Episode
3. The Tasty Cheese (without Dairy, Soy or Gluten) Episode
4. The Rice Alternative Episode
5. The Dipping Sauce without Soy Episode
6. The Homemade Dairy-Free Butter Episode
7. The Dairy and Gluten-Free Vanilla Shortbread Episode

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season 4
​starts January 2nd 2018!

About Season 4:
Season 4 includes 8 quick bite episodes with one recipe per quick-bite episode. 

1: The Guacamole (without Avocado) Episode ​
2. T​he Cold Rolls with A Twist Episode
3. T​he Black Rice Risotto Episode
4. The Buckwheat Crackles Episode
5. T​he Parmesan Alternative Episode
6. T​he Dairy-free Creamy Potato Bake Episode
7. The Sweet Yellow Split Pea Dahl Episode
​8. The Very Rich Dairy-free Cheesecake Filling Episode

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special episodes

Two special episodes: 

1: An Alternative Christmas (2015)(2 recipes)
2. Avoiding the Top 8 for a day (2016)(6 recipes)

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​Make the Recipes Yourself

​​​​​​​​​​The Little Book of Allergy-Friendly Recipes Collection ​includes all the recipes from Seasons 1-4, plus additional recipes. The entire collection spans ​​​243 recipes in the following categories:

  • Tasty Toppings (released 2017)
  • Sandwich Fillers (released 2017)
  • ​Homemade Basics (released 2017)
  • Snack & Party Food (released 2017)
  • Light Meals (released 2017)
  • ​Christmas Recipes (2nd Edition) (released 2017)
  • Main Meals (coming soon in 2018)
  • Italian Recipes (coming soon in 2018)
  • Breakfast Recipes (coming soon in 2018)​
  • Dessert Recipes (coming soon in 2018)​
  • Kids Party Food Recipes (coming soon in 2018)​

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Tips and tricks from our personal experience with cooking for our own food intolerances, vegan and plant-based diets and cooking with wholefoods.