Do restricted diets have to hold you back in life?


(Rachael & Joshua on TV for Cupcake Wars Kids 2015 image supplied by Claire Guthrie)

If you’re concerned that your restricted diet will hold you back in life I’d like  you to meet Rachael Guthrie: The girl who won a TV baking competition – and she couldn’t eat any of the cupcakes she made.

If you’re a parent of a child or teen who has just been given a diagnosis which has changed the way you eat and other aspects of your lifestyle, then you’re going to want to check out this interview with Rachael.

About 18 months ago Rachael was diagnosed with crohns disease. With the help of her mother, and their doctors Rachael changed her diet as a way to mitigate some symptoms. Her diet is quite specific and restricted, yet when her younger brother Joshua applied to appear on a kids cooking competition TV show, Rachael didn’t want to miss out, so she applied too… and won!

Rachel cupcakes 2

(Rachel  cupcakes – Image supplied by Claire Guthrie)

This interview with Rachael and her mum Claire, have some gems for all of us, whether you’re a parent of a child with a restricted diet, your you’ve just had your own diet restricted, I think you’ll find this interview very inspirational.

If you’d love to follow Rachael’s journey check her out here on Instagram.

Claire discussed some of the things that make it hard when you’re first changing your diet.

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Rachael was a special guest in our Your Alternative Kitchen ecourse (which is no longer running) and you can watch that interview here where she shares her top tips for decorating award-winning cakes and cupcakes).

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