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If you've downloaded this book prior to 2021, there's now an update available.
The updated version contains new recipes and more tips.

  1. To get the updated version on Amazon, log into your account, go to 'manage devices and books' and then search for the book title (e.g. 'tasty toppings') beside the book title will be an option that says 'update'
  2. To get the updated version on apple books/ ibooks, open the ibooks app on your phone or ipad. Go to your account info by clicking on the person icon. Then underneath your name will be the heading 'updates' click on that, and follow the prompts.
  3. If you've read the book on a different platform check with their platform how to ensure you can download the most recent version.

We’ve mentioned a lot of resources in the Christmas Recipes (Second edition) book and you can find the links to all of them here.


To check out all our episodes visit

Watch An Alternative Christmas (The original Christmas Special Episode) here:

  • Lisa's Pudding Fruit Mix & Christmas Pudding Bliss Balls
  • Glenys'  Red Wine Reduction

Watch the Ice Cream Episode here:

  • Lisa's Coconut Cream Ice Cream
  • Hayley's Banana Ice Cream
  • Glenys Berry Delicious Ice Cream

Watch the Butter Episode here:

Watch the Vanilla Shortbread Episode here:

Watch the Tasty Pastry Episode here:

The Chocolate Cakes episode:

Kids Party Food Episode:

Watch the Lasagne Episode here for more main meal recipes: (Bechamel style sauce is demonstrated in the second recipe in the episode - Lisa's Lasagne)

All images of the recipes can be found here:


To watch the video of Glenys preparing legumes “from scratch” check out this YouTube video

To watch the video of Lisa showing you how to get a smoother puree with a bench top blender check out this YouTube video.

To watch the video of Lisa showing you how to get a smoother puree with a food processor check out this YouTube video.

Stick blender tips

View the Alternative Measures (cooking measure conversion chart) and the Legumes, Nuts and Seeds Basic Soaking Guide, here:


Salty substitutes.

Making Gluten-Free Flour blends:

How the Ninja Breads got their name (and why we've got a gingerbread with out ginger):


More Information about coeliac disease:

For information about eating oats if you have coeliac disease read the Coeliac Australia position paper here:  

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand list of allergens and info sheets for wheat, dairy, soy, egg, peanut, tree nuts and sesame seeds:

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand tree nut info sheet:

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