Corn chip alternatives (gluten and corn free)

Recently we were asked by a viewer if we could share some corn chip alternatives for people who can’t tolerate corn. So I put on my detective hat  and put together a couple of corn and gluten-free options.

1. Home made Corn-free corn chips (without corn, dairy, soy, gluten, egg or nuts).


3. More home made corn chip alternatives (without corn or gluten)

You could try these Nocho chips (love the name) by Thermo foodie and the chef.


4. Commercial corn free options

If you don’t mind a commercial option, I’ve got to say I do love the flavour of these Rice and bean “corn chips”. There are a couple of flavours and a few different brands of corn chips without corn available nowadays so make sure check out the gluten-free section in your local supermarket.



So there you go!

If you’re looking for some recipe ideas to serve with your corn chip alternatives, check out our yummy salsa and guacamole ideas or our Alternative Nachos post for a recipe idea.

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