Businesses that offer cool alternatives: Kym Henley from Everything Vegan

I shared the story in this post about when I started to love vegan stores. Well, back in 2014, when  Hayley and I went to Freedom Hill Sanctuary to film the About the cast video was the first time I met Kym Henley, the passionate owner of a great business which offers cool alternatives for those of us who can’t or don’t eat dairy, soy, gluten, egg or meat and that is Everything Vegan  (or if you aren’t in Adelaide, their online store called Vegan Online).

I love love love this store. And if you don’t eat dairy or egg you’ll come to love it too. I’m not one for lollies, but the phrase “like a kid in a candy store” describes how I felt as person with a dairy sensitivity looking at the cheese options in their fridge.
If you’re thinking “Oh but I’m not vegan,  so this store isn’t for me” then think again, this beautiful store here in Adelaide, and it’s online counterpart have options. Lots of options!

So without further ado, I’d love to introduce you to Kym Henley.

kym and kelly(Kym, on the left with her daughter Kelly at the Everything Vegan store in Adelaide)

Lisa: How did you come to run Everything Vegan?

Kym: I became vegetarian when I was 16 and believed I was doing all I can for the animals and the environment by choosing a meat free diet not realising the horrors of the dairy industry until 13 years ago when I became vegan.

I found sourcing vegan products in Adelaide extremely hard which lead me to opening a online store called Vegan Online 5 years ago, making cruelty free shopping so much easier for everyone with shipping all over Australia.

As a vegan I felt I wasn’t doing enough for the animals and 5 years ago my husband and I sold our property in the hills and purchased the property outside of Woodside with the intent of opening a sanctuary for rescued, abandoned and orphaned farm animals called Freedom Hill Sanctuary. We are the only sanctuary in South Australia for farm animals and house approximately over 100 rescued farm animals as permanent residents. We have successfully re-homed over 150 ex battery hens with our adoption program and welcome applications online at

Along with our online store and Freedom Hill Sanctuary we have our retail store Everything Vegan at 172 Goodwood Road Goodwood (South Australia) where we offer a huge range of cruelty free plant based options, open 7 days.

Lisa: Do you have to be vegan to shop at your store?

No not at all. We have a large number of customers who are gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant and customers wanting to choose healthy options in their daily diets. All our staff are more than happy to offer any help with choices or just pop in for a coffee and some delicious raw slices.

Everything vegan shop by 3

(Inside Everything Vegan, there are also a selection of cakes, tea and coffee, books, clothes and more)

Kym: Could you explain for our audience what kind of foods and products you stock at Everything Vegan / Vegan online.

All our products on Vegan Online and in store at Everything Vegan are plant based therefore contain no animals products (so no meat) and no testing on animals for any of our skin care, makeup, cleaning products etc.

We do not stock any products containing dairy, egg or honey either.

Lisa: Kym, what are your 4 favourite vegan alternatives in your store?

Staff picks of the week differ every week as we are always sourcing new and exciting products but my choice would have to be the new range of Gardein products. The ‘Fish Fillet’ and ‘Crab Cakes’ are amazing. As a child I loved our Friday night Fish & Chip night, now I can still have my Friday special. Being vegan doesn’t mean you miss out on anything, there is a cruelty free alternative to everything.

gardein fish fillets

Another favourite in a dairy free section would have to be the Botanical Cuisine lemon & dill cheese, amazing to use as a dip or just spread on crackers or toast.

lemon and dill bc

Next would be our Tofurky sausage you can’t go past a BBQ when these are cooking.

tofurky sausages

Last is our newly arrived Vegannaise this is an alternative for all your mayonnaise dishes.


Kym and her team have done such  a great job making so many alternatives accessible for us here in Adelaide, and also Australia wide. I buy the cheese alternatives I’ve mentioned previously eg, the sliceable cheese alternatives, melty cheese alternatives and cream cheese alternatives, from Everything Vegan.

So if you’d like to go shopping and get that “kid in a candy store” feeling too, find out more about Freedom Hill Sanctuary, or suss out the online store, then check out the links below:

Everything Vegan:
Vegan Online:
Freedom Hill Sanctuary:

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