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We’ve mentioned a lot of resources in the Desserts Recipes book and you can find the links to all of them here.


To check out all our episodes visit

Watch the Milk Alternative Episode here:

  • Anne's Oat Milk
  • Lisa's Rice Milk
  • Hayley's Coconut Milk (2 recipes)
  • Glenys' Almond Milk

Watch the Snack Bar & Slices Episode  here:

  • Anne's Oat Slice
  • Lisa's Crunchy Muesli Bar (without Nuts)
  • Hayley's Raw Granola Slice
  • Glenys' Choc Orange Fudge

Watch the Porridge Episode here:

  • Anne's Soy Porridge
  • Lisa's Quinoa Porridge
  • Hayley's Buckwheat Porridge (raw)
  • Glenys' Steel-cut Oat Porridge

Watch the Cheese Episode here:

Watch the Butter Alternative Episode here:


To watch the video of Glenys preparing legumes “from scratch” check out this YouTube video

To watch the video of Lisa showing you how to get a smoother puree with a bench top blender check out this YouTube video.

To watch the video of Lisa showing you how to get a smoother puree with a food processor check out this YouTube video.

Stick blender tips


Making Gluten-Free Flour blends:

About eating oats if you have coeliac disease (click on the link to read the Coeliac Australia position paper:

More Information about coeliac disease

Information about coconut being labelled as a tree nut in some countries

Food Standards Australia and New Zealand list of tree nuts

Nutrition & Free-From Eating tips

Online food allergy or vegan friendly stores:


To download the cooking measure conversion chart here:

To download the nut, seed and legume soaking guide, here:

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