Alternatives in action – Anne’s Lasagne

For many people just discovering they have a dairy sensitivity, or choosing to cut meat out of their diet (especially if they don’t have an avid interest in health, nutrition or whole food cooking) the most common alternatives they’ll find in the supermarket are the soy based dairy alternatives and the packaged meat alternatives. Like Anne did when she first discovered she was sensitive to dairy in her 40s. By day, Anne is a multi-published award winning romance author with Harlequin Mills and Boon, but not being able to eat dairy and having a daughter with multiple food intolerances, made her a self taught alternative chef.

So  in our Pilot Season and in a number of episodes in Season 2 (to be released in 2016) we’ve got Anne starting the episode with an alternative using the “packaged” option for people who are completely new to alternative cooking and for those who aren’t quite sure how to turn the whole foods into alternatives yet. Then through the course of our episodes our other alternative chefs (who are trained nutritionists) give more ideas for how to use simple whole foods to create more alternatives.

So check out this segment of Anne’s lasagne from our Lasagne Episode (watch the full episode here).

Want to have a play with substitutions? Try changing Anne’s mince alternative for one of the other whole food options listed here.


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