Alternative Nachos


Free-from Nachos

1 300g jar of salsa (suitable for your diet) or you could try a recipe from The Little Book of Allergy-Friendly Tasty Toppings
250g of purple corn chips (or regular – suitable for your diet) If you can’t tolerate corn then check out our corn free corn chip post for some options
1 serve of sour cream alternative that is suitable for your diet (eg, from our Sour Cream Episode)
1 400g can black beans
1 400g can kidney beans
Cheese alternative that suits your diet, check these post for ideas for:
melty alternatives,
sprinkly alternatives and
tasty cheese alternatives

1. Rinse and drain the black beans and kidney beans and then lightly mash with a potato masher and then stir the salsa through until it’s well combined (if you like it wet, add more salsa).
2. Spread out the corn chips on some baking paper and then spoon the salsa – bean mixture over the corn chips.
3. Dollop the sour cream alternative over the salsa bean mixture.
4. Sprinkle grated dairy free cheese or alternative that suits your diet (see links above).
5. Place in the oven at 180 degrees C or until the cheese melts and the corn chips become crispy.

If you can’t have corn, check out our corn chips without corn, dairy, soy, gluten, egg or nuts here.

For more recipes like this and info and creative ideas for cooking without dairy, soy, gluten, egg or meat check out our recipe books.