About the Show

Alternative Chef Kitchen  is an independently produced web-based cooking show for people who can’t or don’t eat what they make on other cooking shows. The show offers alternatives or everyone from the beginner who has just been diagnosed with a food intolerance and whose most exotic kitchen tools include a wooden spoon and stick blender to the seasoned raw, vegan, or wholefoodie who has the latest high powered blender!

We share alternatives for people who can’t or don’t eat dairy, soy, gluten, egg or meat.

Alternative Chef Kitchen is an “edutainment” cooking show inspired from the gaps left in popular mainstream cooking shows. While many focus on gourmet food presentation, tasty meals and are heavily reliant on butter, cream, salt, cheese, wheat, egg and meat, complex desserts or the introduction of a competition element, Alternative Chef Kitchen seeks to fill this gap.

Instead of chefs, we’ve got “alternative chefs” who have taught themselves to cook around their dietary needs and in the way which works for their own food and or health philosophy.

The show aims to teach people about all the foods they can still have even though they may be eating a restricted diet for health, compassionate or environmental reasons.

Alternative Chef Kitchen was created and produced by Lisa White.

Alternative Chef Cooking Guide

Anne: Cooks without dairy and meat

Lisa: Cooks without dairy, soy, gluten, egg or meat

Hayley: Raw Vegan options : Cooks without dairy, gluten, egg or meat

Glenys: Whole food options : Cooks without dairy, egg or meat

*The majority of Hayley and Glenys’ recipes are without soy and gluten however some recipes may contain some of these ingredients and this will always be clearly indicated in the recipe book.


More about Alternative Chef Kitchen

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