3 White Chocolate Alternatives You Can Make at Home

A couple of years ago when I first met Hayley I created a White Chocolate alternative because my husband Brenton loves white chocolate. So recently I was checking out facebook when I saw a Christmas Pudding made from malteaser chocolates and white chocolate. That picture inspired to go back to that original  white chocolate recipe to see if there were a couple of other ways I could make the chocolate mix so that I could also use it as an icing to make my own gluten, dairy, egg and soy free version of that famous malteser Christmas pudding cake. (See my photo below).

So if you love white chocolate too and you’d like to have a play with making your own at home here are 3 different recipes to get you started.

1. My original “Lisa’s White Chocolate”

This one uses cashews ground into a fine powder. I’ve done that using my coffee grinder. (Just bear in mind if you have someone with a severe allergy in the house to nuts that traces and crumbs of nuts will remain in the grinder – because they’re really hard to clean so you might need a separate grinder).
lisa Whites chocolate robot

2. Macadamia White Chocolate Frosting Because not everyone has a coffee grinder, or wants to contaminate it with nuts, I created another white chocolate recipe which you could also use as a frosting for cupcakes using macadamia spread.

macadamia white choc icing

1/3 cup grated cacao butter
1/8 cup macadamia butter
1/2 tbsp light agave syrup

1. Set up some hot water in a saucepan, and add the grated cacao butter to a Pyrex jug and mix with a small whisk until all the cacao butter has dissolved.
2. Add in the agave syrup and mix.
3. Add in the macadamia butter and mix.

4. Place the jug in the freezer for 5 mins and then remove from the freezer to give it a stir. If it is still runny, place it back in the freezer for 2 minutes at a time, taking it out every minute to 30 sec to give it a stir once it starts to thicken.

5. Once it has just started to thicken (eg. it’s the consistency of thickened cream but is still soft enough or runny enough that you can pour it on a cupcake or use a knife to ice a cupcake the its ready to go). If you leave it too long it will set. Depending on what you’re using it for you can put it over the hot water again to re-dissolve it if you missed the point and it set. Once it starts to set it sets quickly.

3. Coconut Cream White Chocolate Icing

I created this White chocolate icing recipe for a bit of fun. This recipe is based on the above recipe but uses coconut cream instead of macadamias or cashews with a couple of other tweaks because it’s a bit finicky but looks pretty cute once you get it just right.

dairy and gluten free chocolate cake1

Since writing this post, we’ve created more white-chocolate inspired recipes. So if these don’t satisfy your white chocolate sweet tooth, you can find white chocolate biscuit slice, white Christmas slice and white chocolate cheesecake, in this post here: Even more dairy-free white chocolate inspired recipes.




Updated: 12th March 2021

2 thoughts on “3 White Chocolate Alternatives You Can Make at Home

  1. My daugter in-laws cannot have cocoa butter and told me that she found some products that use fondant as a substitute for white chocolate. Do you have any ideas on the subject? I would greatly appreciate it if you do… it is quite challenging to ensure that she has the fullest holiday treat experience when among a houseful of ‘chocoholics’!

    1. Hi Anne, I haven’t heard of using fondant as an alternative for white chocolate. If the ingredients in the fondant are suitable and your daughter in law likes the taste then I’d say give it a go. What Holiday treats/ recipes are you looking to create alternatives for?

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