Tasty Alternatives: Delicious recipes without dairy, soy, gluten, egg or meat

Includes all the recipes from Season 2 episodes 1-6:

Tasty Alternatives Cover hires


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  • Cheesecake alternatives


  • Meatless Patties, Sausages and more

meatless BBQ

  • Ice cream alternatives

Hayleys ice cream

  • Curried egg without egg (alternatives)

curriedegg - Copy

  • Porridge and gluten-free alternatives

Glenys steel-cut oat porridge

  • Snack bars & slice alternatives

Lisa's Crunchy muesli bar without nuts

  • Plus a bonus recipes including
  • Dairy, soy, gluten and egg free vegan-friendly chocolate fudge brownie recipe

Lisa's everything free chocolate brownie

  • How to make activated buckinis
  • How to make a coconut yoghurt alternative
  • and more


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Tasty Alternatives Cover hires

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Praise for Tasty Alternatives & Recipes from Season 2:

“This book is incredible! Although I have followed a plant based diet for several years now, there are still recipes I haven’t had the courage to try, like vegan cheesecake and sausages, but Tasty Alternatives makes it look so doable… and so tempting!  I am drooling at all the ice cream and brownie options and lentils in a muesli bar = awesome! I think this book would be a great gift to a friend who has recently eliminated items from their diet, either by choice or for medical reasons,  or for someone like me who wants to have several alternatives at my fingertips to choose from.  Well done, Lisa and the team”

Robyn Birkin, Fertility Warrior and blogger at Modern Day Missus

“LOVE it!!! Easy to read, very real. Well done”

Robyn Stitt, Kinesiologist at Overcoming Overwhelm

“Alternative Chef Kitchen is sensitive to those who want to eat the world and its sister but cannot. More than any other cooking program I’ve seen, the showmakers seem truly intimate with and compassionate towards the self-conscious desolation that so often accompanies a restrictive diet. They get that you’re not on an orthorexic bender for prig glory; they know you’re just trying to find nice things to eat that won’t tank your body systems. The show doesn’t feel at all exclusive or overly proud of itself, and it’s exciting to see the hosts go well beyond the usual food item substitutions in their recipes!”

 Jessica Johnson is an eater/writer/actress currently residing in the Rust Belt of the US, and can usually be found avoiding at least five of The Big 8.

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